David Groom

David Groom has been in the global communication and networking industry since 1995.David has worked for large ISP's both locally and internationally and for the last 11 years, David has worked for NECXON.

NEC XON combines the best people, skills, solutions, and services of XON and NEC Africa. The two organisations partnered in 2015 to ensure that customers gain maximum value from their technology investments. This partnership provides deep integration skills and experience with global technology leadership. It also continues a proud association with African businesses that reaches back to 1963.

Together, XON and NEC Africa as NEC XON partners with customers to accelerate their digital transformation by capitalising on the advantages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). We deliver 4IR technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), integrated Internet of Things (IoT) and orchestration platforms, facial recognition and analytics.

Surveillance, cyber security, and sustainable energy are available as managed services. Our customers reap the benefits of revenue growth, efficiency, operational integration, business process improvement, and orchestration that reshapes how organisations create value.

Our organisation’s rich heritage extends the benefits of historical global best practice, African expertise, regional partnerships and delivery to our customers. In South Africa, customers benefit from our Level 1 B-BBEE certification and long-standing relationship with Kapela Capital. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, with offices in all nine provinces, we operate in 16 countries across Africa and the close partnership with NEC Africa ensures strong local presence and delivery capabilities in East and West Africa.

David Groom

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