Edgar Kasenene

Edgar is currently the Chief Customer Officer and co-founder of IDEX Africa. An organization co-founded with Jean Philbert Nsegimnana the former Minister of ICT of Rwanda to help drive transformation efforts and build platform companies across the continent in this digital Era. He was previously CEO for Africa of Retro Rabbit which was an offshoot of one of South Africa’s leading software companies.

Edgar also held roles as Director and Head of Innovation, IoT and Emerging Business Africa for Ericsson, and before that Head of Cloud and IP Services for Ericsson in Africa. He was also Program Director of Ericsson’s first Smart Cities strategic start in Rwanda in 2015. Edgar has held various leadership, strategy, sales and technical positions in MTN and Ericsson in the UK, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, and Zambia.

He has more than 22 years of professional experience, mostly in the ICT sector, but has spent the last 3 years working with emerging technologies and innovation roles across Africa; trying to help leading companies navigate this new digital era. He is currently working with and also engaged with some of the leading financial and TMT organisations in Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania, Benin and South Africa as both a platform partner and transformation partner. He is privileged to have worked and be working with organisations such as MTN Ghana, Stanbic Uganda, Stanbic Zambia, MTN Rwanda, MTN Zambia to name but a few. His work continues to cross the depth and breadth of the TMT industries but cuts across the broad spectrum of business as building business agility in an abundance era becomes Key.

Edgar holds a Master’s of Science in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Manchester (with Distinction) and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Makerere University in Uganda

Edgar Kasenene

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