Noah Maina

Noah Maina is a Network Infrastructure Professional with extensive Internet & Telecommunication Industry experience spanning 15 years with expertize in TCP/IP packet-switching based network design, configuration, deployment, scaling, securing, automating and troubleshooting. Noah has been involved in the building of Internet network Infrastructure across Africa thereby helping ISP companies to achieve their ROI on Network & Systems Infrastructure investments.

From National ISP’s to Multinational Global Network Service Providers like SEACOM, Noah has played a role in the building Internet Transport Infrastructure carrying traffic from 1Gbps to 100Gbps Ethernet transport links that have fundamentally changed the digital landscape of the African continent. Noah is well known within the Internet exchange point’s community due to his role as IP Peering Coordinator at AS37100.

Noah Maina is a passionate volunteer and an expert instructor or trainer for over a decade where he has trained for various Internet communities and network operators organizations whose goal is to transfer Internet technology skills to various professional ICT engineers in Tanzania and across Africa i.e. tzNOG, AfNOG, SAFNOG, NSRC, Binary Institute (BIT), TERNET & Internet Society (ISOC)

Noah Maina

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