Southern Africa Network Operators Group

Building and Sustaining Regional Communities

As Africa develops her regional infrastructure, it has becomes more important to be able to build and sustain regional communities in support of the same. While not intended as a replacement for existing mailing fora, SAFNOG hopes to be able to provide a discussion forum, and build a community for matters specific to the sub-region.


SAFNOG-8: 3 – 4 October 2023

SAFNOG-8 will be hosted by the NSPAZ on 3 – 4 October, 2023, in Lusaka, Zambia. As the sub-regional NOG, SAFNOG looks forward to bringing the community together in Zambia this year.

The SAFNOG-8 Conference will be a two-day event of engagement and knowledge sharing on topics relevant to Internet Operations and Technologies such as IPv4 / IPv6 Routing and Operations; Internet policy (Security, Regulation, Content Management, Addressing, etc); Network security issues (NSP-SEC, DDoS, Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware); and IXPs and Peering, to name a few.

We look forward to seeing you in Lusaka, Zambia this October!



SAFNOG is a non-profit organization, and as such, we warmly welcome sponsors to contribute to the success of the SAFNOG-8 Conference. Kindly take a moment to view our Sponsorship Proposal. Each sponsorship opportunity includes the additional benefits as described, which are based on the organization's sponsorship level. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact secretariat at safnog dot org



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Call for Papers

The SAFNOG-8 Programme Committee are now seeking contributions for Presentations and Tutorials for the SAFNOG-8 2023 Conference.

We are looking for presenters who would:

  • - Offer a technical tutorial on an appropriate topic
  • - Participate in the technical conference sessions as a speaker
  • - Convene and chair panel sessions of relevant topics.

Please submit your paper online here

Conference Agenda

DAY 1 - SAFNOG-8 Conference 3rd Oct
Venue: Taj Pamodzi
0700hrs - 0830hrs: Registration
0830hrs - 0835hrs: Welcome & Introduction to SAFNOG-8 - Portia Rabonda, SAFNOG
0835hrs - 0840hrs: Conference opening message - Geoff Hardwick, NSPAZ Chair
0840hrs - 0900hrs: Internet in Southern Africa - Yolandi Robinson, NAPAfrica
0900hrs - 0930hrs: Know Your Network: Why Every Network Operator Should Host RIPE Atlas - Lia Hestina, RIPE NCC
0930hrs - 1000hrs: Thoughts About A DNS Observatory- Mark Elkins, POSIX
1000hrs - 1030hrs: Be Kind, Be KINDNS! - John Crain , ICANN
1030hrs - 1040hrs: Peering Personals - Isabel Odida, Gcore
1040hrs - 1100hrs: Coffee Break
1100hrs - 1130hrs: Keynote address Garry Mukelabai, Manager Business Technology - ZICTA
1130hrs - 1200hrs: Spatial Division Multiplexing: A New (Subsea) Cable Paradigm - Mark Tinka, SAFNOG
1230hrs - 1400hrs: Lunch Break
1400hrs - 1430hrs: A Case Study & Lessons From The Lusaka IXP Implementation - Zeko Mbumwae, Infratel
1500hrs - 1530hrs: BGP Filtering At Workinline - Ben Maddison, Workonline Communications
1530hrs - 1540hrs: Peering Personals - Issabel Odida, Gcore
1530hrs - 1600hrs: Coffee Break
1600hrs - 1630hrs: Geolocation Solutions: Why Aren't We There Yet? - Edrich De Lange, Edgeconnect
1630hrs - 1700hrs: Your Network And AI - Werner Stucky, Jenny Internet
1700hrs - 1715hrs: Closing session - Portia Rabonda, SAFNOG
1730hrs - Late: Social event

DAY 2 - DNS Workshop 4th Oct
Venue: Radisson Blu
Please register here to take part in the DNS Workshop
0830hrs - 0900hrs: Registration
0900hrs - 0915hrs: Welcome remarks:
  • Pierre DANDJINOU: ICANN (remote)
0915hrs - 0945hrs: Keynote: “DNS evolution and new challenges” - John CRAIN
0945hrs - 1030hrs: Session 1: KINDNS: a framework to improve DNS operational best practices - Yazid AKANHO (remote)
1030hrs - 1045hrs: Coffee Break
1045hrs - 1145hrs: Session 2 - state of the art (all presenters are remote):
  • Recursive resolvers usage in Zambia (Yazid AKANHO - ICANN) - 15 min
  • RPKI deployment in Zambia (Cedrick MBEYET - AFRINIC) - 15 min
  • Reverse DNS Survey for Zambia (David HUBERMAN - ICANN) - 15 min
  • Q/R (for that session of 3 presentations) - 15 min
1145hrs - 1300hrs: Panel: the role of ISPs and mobile operators in securing the DNS:
  • Geoff HARDWICK, Commercial Lead, Paratus Zambia; and Chairperson - NSPAZ
  • Adiel AKPLOGAN, Vice President for Technical Engagement - ICANN (remote)
  • Cedrick MBEYET: Stakeholder Development Manager - AFRINIC (remote)
  • Garry Mukelabai: Manager Business Technology - ZICTA
  • Moderator: June OKAL (ICANN)
Moderator: June OKAL
1300hrs - 1400hrs: Lunch Break
1400hrs - 1600hrs: Lab: Deploy a validating recursive resolver Yazid AKANHO (remote)
1600hrs Closing Remarks

Program Material

The SAFNOG-8 Conference Programme consists of two parts, these being the Tutorials and Conference Tracks.

Topics proposed must be relevant to Internet Operations and Technologies:

  1. - IPv4/IPv6 Routing and Operations
  2. - Internet backbone operations
  3. - Routing Security, including RPKI and MANRS
  4. - ISP and Carrier services
  5. - Peering, Interconnects and IXP's
  6. - Network Function Virtualizaton
  7. - Network Automation/Programming
  8. - Research on Internet Operations and Deployment
  9. - Network infrastructure security
  10. - DNS/DNSSEC
  11. - Access and Transport Technologies
  12. - Content & Service Delivery and "Cloud Computing"
  13. - Semi conductor shortage and impact to equipment acquisition and operation

CfP Submissions

Draft slides for both tutorials and conference sessions MUST be provided with CfP submissions otherwise the Programme Committee will be unable to review the submission. For avoidance of doubt this means that submissions which do not include slides will be rejected immediately. For work in progress, the most current information available at time of submission is acceptable.

All draft and complete slides must be submitted in PDF format only

Final slides are to be provided by the specified deadline for publication on the SAFNOG-8 websites.

Prospective presenters should note that the majority of speaking slots will be filled well before the final submission deadline. The PC may, at their discretion, retain a limited number of slots up to the final submission deadline for presentations that are exceptionally timely, important, or of critical operational importance. Every year we turn away submissions, due to filling up all available programme slots before the deadline. Presenters should endeavour to get material into the PC sooner rather than later.

Any questions or concerns should be addressed to the Programme Committee by e-mail at: safnog-pc-chairs at safnog dot org

We look forward to receiving your presentation proposals.

Mailing List

Targeted at network and operations engineers in Southern Africa.

The mailing list was established to provide a forum for the exchange of technical information and the discussion of specific implementation issues that require cooperation among network service providers.

To ensure that the list is a useful forum for discussion of relevant technical issues, participants are asked to respect these guidelines. Failure to do so can lead to posting rights being denied.


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